NMTA is proud to honor the following teachers for their certification, membership and service.

MTNA Master Certificate - Piano

  • Dr. Ronald Williams

MTNA Emeritus Certificate - Piano

  • Muriel Adler
  • Ruth Brewer
  • Rayola McBride

MTNA Direct Professional Certificate - Piano

  • Michelle Johnson
  • Laurie Swain

MTNA Permanent Professional Certificate

  • Kirby Colson
  • Carol Coppola
  • Sonnet Johnson
  • Kathleen Legere
  • Meredyth Lewis
  • Erika Paul
  • Bruria Perlberg
  • Ethlyn Peterson
  • Betty Rich
  • Mallie Riecken
  • Carol Stivers
  • Nancy Tedford
  • Josephine Williams
  • Ethelyn Peterson
  • Sonnet Johnson
  • Bruria Perlberg
  • Erika Paul
  • Josephine Williams
  • Valerie Nelson
  • Geri Bedrosian
  • LaDonna Young

MTNA New Professional Certificate

  • Denise Smith
  • Chad Twedt
  • Meredith Whelan

Local Association Service Awards

The Service Award has been presented by the state (NMTA) since 2002, and it is issued to the person that each of the two local chapters (NNMTA and LVMTA) select each year.

The award represents a commitment to the NNMTA and LVMTA through consistent service over the years, not necessarily by serving on the board, but by always being available to help when called upon. Only those members who have maintained continuous membership for at least 10 years are eligible for the award. If membership lapses for even a day, the countdown starts over. Recipients are presented with their award at the annual state convention, which alternates between Reno and Las Vegas each year.

Below is a list of all past Service Award recipients:

Local Association Service Awards
2002 Ruth Brewer
Kathleen Legere
Dr. Ronald Williams
Roger Bushell
Mildred Gardner
Wanda Wasden
2003 Faye Sobrio Carol Stivers
2004 Sonnet Johnson Michele Johnson
2005 Nancy Tedford Mary Straub
2006 Sandra Young Bonnie Hutchens
2007 Denise Smith Mallie Riecken
2008 Joan Houtz Doris Chase
2009 Kathie Krocak Lisa Fiorenza
2010 Erika Paul Hanah Waterman Shields

There were three awards given in 2002, but it was soon realized that the NNMTA does not grow quickly enough to support that many awards each year, so it was changed to one award per year as of 2003.

20 or More Years of Membership

  • Geri Bedrosian, NCTM
  • Carol Coppola, NCTM
  • Lisa Fiorenza, NCTM
  • Shakeh Ghoukasian
  • Nancy Kuncheff
  • Michelle Lee
  • Kathryn Mickey
  • Valerie Nelson, NCTM
  • Mallie Riecken, NCTM
  • Erlinda Santucci
  • Brenda Swan
  • Kathleen Waite
  • LaDonna Young, NCTM
  • Sandra Young

25 or More Years of Membership

  • Marrae Brunner
  • Denise Smith
  • Mary Straub

30 or More Years of Membership

  • Shireen Beaudry-Johnson
  • Ruth Brewer, NCTM
  • Joan Houtz
  • Michele Johnson, NCTM
  • Sonnet Johnson, NCTM
  • Rayola McBride, NCTM
  • Penny Nielson
  • Betty Rich, NCTM
  • Faye Sobrio
  • Carol Stivers
  • Nancy Tedford, NCTM

35 or More Years of Membership

  • Muriel Adler
  • Wyla Hollingsworth
  • Bonnie Hutchens
  • Kathleen Legere, NCTM
  • Diedre Smith

40 or More Years of Membership

  • Roger Bushell
  • Ethelyn Peterson, NCTM
  • Josephine Williams, NCTM